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No matter the size of your hotel, be it 20 rooms or over 500 rooms, we can provide a seamless solution for your property.

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The B&B

€20 / room*

  • Daily Hotel Data Load
  • Preset Reporting
  • Collaboration
  • Users - 2
  • Weekly Competitor Data Update
  • Max. Rooms - 20
  • Unlimited Quarterly Updates
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The Boutique

€12 / room*

  • Daily Hotel Data Load
  • Preset Reporting
  • Collaboration
  • Users - 5
  • Weekly Competitor Data Update
  • Max. Rooms - 50
  • Unlimited Quarterly Updates
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The 6* Resort

€8 / room*

  • Daily Hotel Data Load
  • Preset Reporting
  • Collaboration
  • Users - 10
  • Daily Competitor Data Update
  • Unlimited Rooms
  • Custom Reporting
  • Chain Management
  • Unlimited Updates
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* Pricing above is for indicative purposes only. Please get in touch with us to get a more detailed quote that caters for all your needs.

It has it all


WiseRooms™ is not just about showing you what's going on. Most importantly, it enables you to use those insights in more meaningful ways. The solution provides you with the ability to adjust room rates at a moment's notice, to ensure that your set rates are competitive across all room types, at any particular point in time.


WiseRooms™ features a simplified calendar system that provides a bird's eye view of how bookings look like for a particular period. From one, simple screen, you may identify gaps in between bookings or under-booked months, so you can adjust your sales strategy accordingly, whilst ensuring that you do not miss out on any revenue opportunities.


By coupling past performance data and competitors' data with complex mathematical algorithms, WiseRooms™ provides predictive results on the rates that hoteliers should be charging for every room type, at any future date.


WiseRooms™ promotes teamwork, providing your employees with the opportunity to voice their expertise and discuss important matters with their team members through the team chat functionality. The solution also features an end-to-end tool that enables managers to effectively direct their teams, assign projects and check progress status against important deadlines.


One screen – one view – numerous locations. WiseRooms™ enables you to manage multiple locations from one centralized account, with the facility to analyze KPI performance per property, per country or organization-wide.


Gathering pertinent information on what competitors are doing, WiseRooms™ is an ideal solution for hoteliers who want to stay on top of their game. The solution helps you compare your current state of play with that of your key competitors by presenting information on their rates and stop sales versus yours, so you can take proactive measures as needed.


Take WiseRooms™ for a ride and experience yourself the power of hotel analytics! We are offering a FREE 30-day demo to anyone who wants to sign up to our tool!

Frequently asked

How do I install WiseRooms™ on my Servers?

WiseRooms™ is a cloud based tool which means that you will not need to invest in further resources to be able to use WiseRooms™. The only installation will be that of a package to be placed on your PMS's server.

Can I access WiseRooms™ When I'm Abroad?

Yes, WiseRooms™ is an internet-facing cloud application. You are able to access the tool from anywhere as long as you are exposed to a good internet connection.

How can I access WiseRooms™?

WiseRooms™ can be accessed from any browser on any device. there is no application installation requirement on your PC, Tablet or Phone.

Do I Need to Purchase An External Rate-Shopping Tool?

No, WiseRooms™ includes RateShopping as part of the package. With such data in place, WiseRooms™ is able to provide all the necessary insights for you to maximize your property's profitability.