Core functionality built for industry best practices

WiseRooms™ addresses the needs that lie at the very core of every hotel business. Based on industry best practices, the solution gives high regard to your individual business priorities, serving you with all the information you need within one, consolidated source.

Technical Specifications


Based on a pay-as-you-go service, WiseRooms™ brings information closer to the users, since it's readily-available anytime, from practically anywhere. You need not invest in expensive hardware nor pay extensive installation or maintenance costs - all you need is an internet connection and you can get to work.

Highly Portable

On a business trip or away on vacation? Don't worry, we understand that you need to be on top of things all the time. WiseRooms™ users can see the exact same information on their smartphone as they see on their computer. There is no stripped-down version of analytics for mobile access - all information can always be accessed, irrespective from which device it's viewed.


Your information is valuable and WiseRooms™ was built to protect it. Utilizing Microsoft Azure servers, you have the peace of mind that data cannot be lost since it's stored in the cloud and not physically located on your office machines or mobile devices. You can even wipe-out data from any lost devices, so it doesn't end up in the wrong hands.

Integration Paths

PMS Integration

Designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with popular PMS installations, WiseRooms™ was created with ease of use in mind. With automatic data capturing functionality, the tool grabs information from the PMS on a daily basis, enabling your hotel operations software to work in tandem.

Website Traffic Performance & Conversion

Hoteliers may not always have time to rigorously track website hits and, most importantly, analyze web conversion rates. Building on the power of Google Analytics, WiseRooms™ helps you monitor and analyze all traffic to and from your website(s) so you have real-time, insightful information that will help you stay one step ahead of the game.

Social Media Integration

Freeing time off your sales and marketing team, WiseRooms™ features in-built social media elements that enable hoteliers to update their followers straight from the system. This allows for instant connection and engagement on social channels, whilst also providing the tools needed to gather and analyze data on social trends.

Channel Manager Integration

Facilitating the process for changing rates and room availability, WiseRooms™ eliminates repetitive work and pushes automatic updates to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). You only need to provide the login details of each OTA once, and each time you update rates or inventory from Channel Manager, such changes will instantly be reflected across all OTAs.

Core Data Management

Booking & Cancellation Pipeline

Keeping track of your bookings and cancellations is a key aspect for measuring the success of your promotional efforts. WiseRooms™ monitors all bookings and cancellations on a daily basis, so such information is reported to you as it happens.

Budgeting & Forecasting

With powerful budgeting and forecasting functionality, WiseRooms™ features a custom-built platform for building budgets by segment, at a month, week or day level, directly into the system. Re-forecasting is another key element that enables you to review and re-adapt budgeted numbers based on current trends.

Customizable Dashboards & Reports

Consolidating data from different sources into visual, customizable dashboards, WiseRooms™ serves real-time data in a way that users can easily understand and use. When users need to dig deeper into information presented within their dashboard, they can easily do so through the customizable reports feature that generates insightful reports based on the users' specific needs.

Daily & Weekly Pickup

WiseRooms™ monitors your daily and weekly pickups, detailing which stay period such pickups effect. The tool also provides for comparison reporting of current performance versus last year's and actual performance versus forecast.

Predictive Analytics

Besides delivering accurate data for targeted analysis straight to the users’ desktop, WiseRooms™ simplifies the complex algorithms used to generate predictive numbers. This is done by means of a fully automated process that bases predictions on data available about past trends, problems and relationships.

Competitor Information

Gathering pertinent information on what competitors are doing, WiseRooms™ is an ideal solution for hoteliers who want to stay on top of their game. The solution helps you compare your current state of play with that of your key competitors by presenting information on their rates and stop sales versus yours, so you can take proactive measures as needed.

Segmentation Analytics & Rate Management

Dynamic Rate Management

WiseRooms™ is not just about showing you what's going on. Most importantly, it enables you to use those insights in more meaningful ways. The solution provides you with the ability to adjust room rates at a moment's notice, to ensure that your set rates are competitive across all room types, at any particular point in time.

Inventory Management

WiseRooms™ features a simplified calendar system that provides a bird's eye view of how bookings look like for a particular period. From one, simple screen, you may identify gaps in between bookings or under-booked months, so you can adjust your sales strategy accordingly, whilst ensuring that you do not miss out on any revenue opportunities.

Commitment Analysis

WiseRooms™ shows how long-term commitments to travel agencies, as well as commitments to OTAs, are impacting your bottom line. You may analyse current situation against previous years or versus actual bookings, so you assess whether the number of rooms and the rates at which they are being committed are currently beneficial or detrimental to profitability.

Rate Optimization by Room Type

Rate optimization helps hoteliers individually price their rooms in a more competitive way, regardless of the room type or the supplements each room carries. Apart from the standard rack and BAR rates, WiseRooms™ suggests rates for individual room types based on the demand for a particular period and other insights gathered through the system.

Group Booking Management

At quotation stage, WiseRooms™ provides valuable insight as to the overall effect a group booking would have on your sales pipeline. This tool provides the much needed information about profitability and business displacement as a result of a particular group, so you may assess whether business acquired through group confirmation justifies any business lost or unsellable gaps.

Market Segment Analysis

Providing the analytics you need to help you develop a healthy market mix, WiseRooms™ allow you to keep track of which revenue is coming from which segment - direct sales, group bookings or committed segments. In addition, the solution provides insights into how each segment is performing versus budget, forecast, previous years or same time last year.

360° Views

Multi-Property Management

One screen – one view – numerous locations. WiseRooms™ enables you to manage multiple locations from one centralized account, with the facility to analyze KPI performance per property, per country or organization-wide.

Group/Chain Consolidated Views

WiseRooms™ provides hoteliers with the ability to dynamically analyze the overall KPI performance of their group or chain of hotels at a click of a button. Such views are consolidated within the system in itself, eliminating the need to manage reports externally on spreadsheets.

Functional Elements

Custom Alerts

WiseRooms™ features custom alerts that will notify you every time outliers arise - be them internal abnormalities or industry out-of-trend changes - so you can react to such scenarios as they occur.

Team Management

WiseRooms™ promotes teamwork, providing your employees with the opportunity to voice their expertise and discuss important matters with their team members through the team chat functionality. The solution also features an end-to-end tool that enables managers to effectively direct their teams, assign projects and check progress status against important deadlines.

Rate Suggestions

By coupling past performance data and competitors' data with complex mathematical algorithms, WiseRooms™ provides predictive results on the rates that hoteliers should be charging for every room type, at any future date.


WiseRooms™ is also about promoting proactivity amongst employees. With built-in collaborative tools, users are empowered to assign tasks to their fellow team members, whilst being given the opportunity to discuss current scenarios related to market sentiment.


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