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With insights served fresh everyday, WiseRooms™ is able to deliver all the information you need to increase efficiency and ultimately your REVPAR!

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Hotel Analytics @ Your Fingertips

Built to make you wiser

Get a 360° view of your property

Get a 360° view of your property

"WiseRooms™ is not your average Revenue Management Tool."

Built ground-up, WiseRooms™ is capable of capturing a full spectrum view of your property and turns that data into insightful reports and dashboards. Besides data being served fresh every day, the solution features built-in functionality that allows you to prioritize elements that will help you manage revenue wiser. Several KPIs are pre-configured to allow you to benchmark your position against forecasts, together with predicted models that will give you a glimpse of what the future might look like.

No more confusing, large spreadsheets

No more confusing, large spreadsheets

"Getting lost in reporting is easy. Making sense out of multiple data sources is even more difficult. WiseRooms™ is here to consolidate all views and serve data in a way that users can read without wasting too much time."

Many hoteliers complain about having to access multiple systems in order to be able to manage their rooms more efficiently. Another common concern amongst hoteliers is on how fast they can act in order to maximize on opportunities as they arise. With the ability to portray a full picture in visual customizable dashboards, WiseRooms™ presents a number of benefits to hoteliers, allowing them to:

- Understand how each KPI is fairing against last year's performance;
- Get a clear view of their website's performance;
- Analyze where they stand against competition.

Stearing your organisation in the right direction

Stearing your organisation in the right direction

"Our aim is to deliver a simple, yet robust tool that does not get you lost in its interface.  Simplicity does not come at the expense of functionality, making sure that all information is clearly exposed."

Because WiseRooms™ is built with flexibility in mind, hoteliers can tailor it to meet the specific needs of  their business. With dynamic views that cover every aspect of your hotel business - from revenue to room rates, to what the competition is doing - WiseRooms™ is a solution that works in line with your business's long-term goals. Thanks to the added benefit of real-time communication and team collaboration, you can have peace of mind that users at every level of your organization are basing their decisions on the very latest developments within your business.

Struggle no more.  Set-up custom alerts to help you drive wiser results.

Struggle no more. Set-up custom alerts to help you drive wiser results.

"WiseRooms is not just about generating intelligent reports.  The solution presents a bigger opportunity for hoteliers to free their time from manual administrative processes and better invest it on growing their business."

Hoteliers need to have peace of mind that they have a solution in place to help them address movements as they occur. WiseRoomsfeatures custom alerts that will notify you every time outliers arise - be them internal abnormalities or industry out-of-trend changes - so you can react accordingly. WiseRooms helps you turn such challenging situations into opportunities, alerting you of scenarios that can leave a negative impact on your business if they remain unaddressed.


Increasing Your Team's Efficiency

WiseRooms™ is also about promoting proactivity amongst employees. With built-in collaborative tools, users are empowered to assign tasks to their fellow team members and discuss current scenarios related to market sentiment, whilst comparing them to same time in previous years. Past data is readily available at a click of a button, enabling users to quickly understand why certain decisions have been pursued in the past and discuss how to proceed in view of current circumstances.

features that matter

PMS Integration

Designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with popular PMS installations.

Booking & Cancellation Pipeline

A live view of available rooms, pending reservations and cancellations for insightful decisions to be made in real-time.

Competitor Information

Pertinent information on what competitors are doing to help you stay ahead and act proactively.

Dynamic Rate Management

The ability to adjust rates at a moment's notice, to ensure that your set rates are competitive across all room types, at any point in time.

Team Management

Direct teams, assign projects and check the status of important deadlines through an easy-to-use tool.

Multi-Property Management

One screen – one view – numerous locations. Manage multiple locations from one centralized account, with the facility to analyze performance per property, per country or organisation-wide.